981 NH ROUTE 3, PO BOX 161
Temporary Number: 603-547-0950
(603) 968 - 3600 (Broken)
The Boulders Motel & Cottages has been owned by only 3 families over the past 7 decades and is the only motel & cottage rentals directly on Squam Lakes. This property has had many lives. It was originally joined with the victorian home across Rte 3. Our beautiful barn was the carriage house for the property owner in 1938,  Isabella Hooper. The call button to the barn is still in the house. A Cadillac dealership operated out of the barn in the 1960's. 

It is said one of the owners was part Native American and that he stood in the door yard of The Boulders in the early 1960's stating "There will come a time that a great road will be made and the people will no longer need to travel our route to reach the mountains" I-93 was that road. He was correct, in the busy times we have, the Rte 3 corridor gets overlooked  as travelers use the quicker I-93 to venture to northern points in the state, Rte 3 is a spectacular drive, so scenic and reflective of a slower paced life. We wish to welcome you and help you remember a simpler, less hectic time. 

The rich history and beauty of the property deserves to be shared with others. That is why we continue to operate as a motel, so that all who wish to share in its beauty have the opportunity to do so. 

Joe Bladecki and his family are proud to have owned The Boulders since 2001. They hope that The Boulders will continue to be an annual gathering spot for you and your family for years to come. Some families have visited The Boulders the same week each summer for over 57 years. New families will fall in love with the charm that only Squam Lakes have to offer.

In 2017, Nancy Steen managed the Boulders for Joe and in 2018, she took a lease on the property. It has been her life-long dream to work on just such a property as The Boulders Motel and Cottages.

Nancy Steen is returning as business owner/manager for the 2020 season. Last summer was spectacular and this summer is arriving fast for another super-Squam-summer at The Boulders. 
Joe Bladecki continues to own the property.

Give us the opportunity to host your family reunion, wedding party, a milestone birthday or any other special occasion and let us help make it a memorable event.

Thank you for choosing to explore Boulders Motel & Cottages as your vacation "home away from home."

Looking out from our "coffee shop"
Looking up at our units perched upon the unique terrain that is The Boulders This is looking up to unit #14
Looking down the property at our shore front
Looking up to our motel rooms and their screened porches
Looking across the terrain of our unique shore front
Looking down from above at the shore front
Photo courtesy of Rett Hart